Our Philosophy

The name LA IGRIEGA means “Y” in Spanish –equivalent to “and” in English– and symbolizes this project’s core values. It means link, union, bond and addition. And that is what life is about, bringing all of us closer together.

FINCA LA IGRIEGA is the sum of a superb terroir located in the highlands of the Andes: Paraje Altamira. The tender care of an experienced vineyard manager; the skills of a top winemaker and the passion of the Goldberg family.

About us. A borrowed dream.

I borrowed my sister’s dream. She generously invited me to share her dream. I embraced it intensely and made it my own. It was a journey led by her silent and firm presence. Finca La Igriega is my dream, my legacy. Here it is, full of life and energy, ready to be shared with those who appreciate the fruits of hard work and unconditional dedication.

I am Marcelo Goldberg. I have worked my way up along other roads. Hand in hand with committed partners and work teams, I was able to build some successful textile and apparel brands, such as Vitamina and UMA. Now, together with a great technical team, headed by Nicolas Goldberg (Economist) and Agronomist Carlos Luis Caggiati, I have embarked on the gripping journey of the wine industry. Finca La Igriega is not just another project, nor is it a financial fancy. Finca La Igriega is the family legacy of my ancestors and of my own descendants.

Paraje Altamira and its people are the family one chooses in order to live life to the full. Finca La Igriega vibrates in its unique geography at the genuine value of its people. Just like our wines: genuine, expressive, noble and –why not?– healthfully sophisticated. To reinforce the essence on which this industry is built, adhere to the values of the people who build it every day, contribute my own view based on my previous experience– these are my commitments to make this dream grow.

To those who are willing to sort out difficulties, to celebrate the accomplishments and to enjoy the journey. To my family. I am happy to welcome you all.