Let's be clear | 15.08.2017 a las 4:51am

Do you know the difference between the wines Reserva, Gran Reserva, Crianza and Roble?

Reserva. Red wines must have a minimum aging in barrel of 12 months and white wines of 6 months

Gran Reserva. Deadlines are doubled, 24 months for red wines and 12 months for white wines.

Crianza. When the wine had its aging in barrel or barrel of oak.

Roble. When using other alternatives of oak as the chips or oak staves. The chips consist of oak of various types and sizes that are introduced into the tanks during the winemaking process and bring flavor. The staves are oak battens larger than the chips and perform the same function.

Source: La cocina del vino (Orellano, 2017), See more.